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About Us
The Procurement Unit (PU) was established by the Government of Anguilla in November 2014 as prescribed by the Public Procurement and Contract Administration (PPCA) Act 2012. The legislation was revised in 2016 with the introduction of the Public Procurement and Contract Administration Amendment (PPCAA) Act 2016 and the Public Procurement and Contract Administration Regulations.

The amended legislation re-organized the procurement function and what was previously known as the ‘Procurement Unit’ became the ‘Procurement Office’. The Procurement Unit now refers to three bodies, namely the:

1) Procurement Board
2) Five (5) Procurement Committees
     - Governor’s Office
     - Ministry of Finance
     - Ministry of Home Affairs
     - Ministry of Infrastructure
     - Ministry of Social Development
3) Procurement Office

Each of the individual bodies under the Procurement Unit has a separate function. The Procurement Board is the policy making body and has responsibility for awarding large procurement. The Procurement Committees undertake procurement exercises on behalf of the Government of Anguilla’s Departments and Ministries and is responsible for awarding contracts for small procurement.

The Procurement Office, which is housed within the Ministry of Finance, is managed by the Chief Procurement Officer in accordance with the legislation. The mandate of the Procurement Office is to:

(a) provide advice to departments, the Board and any other relevant stakeholder on public procurement policies and practices;
(b) oversee and assist in coordinating the work of the Procurement Committees;
(c) monitor the operation of the PPCAA Act and report thereon to the Board;
(d) foster the development of procurement professionals;
(e) after consultation with Procurement Committees and such other persons as the Chief Procurement Officer or the Board considers appropriate, prepare standard solicitation documents for any method of procurement for approval by the Board;
(f) under the direction of the Board, develop and periodically update a procurement manual for use by all persons involved in procurement;
(g) attend Board meetings at the request of the chairperson; and
(h) perform any other duties and exercise any other powers in relation to procurement as are assigned to him or her by the Board.

Institutional Set-up:

  • Ministry of Finance – Oversight
    • Honourable Mr. Victor Banks – Minister of Finance
    • Dr. Aidan Harrigan – Permanent Secretary - Finance
  • Procurement Office – Advisory and compliance monitoring body, and the liaison for government procurement activities.
    • Ms. Ludiane Leveret-Richardson – Chief Procurement Officer
    • Mrs. Solange Lloyd-Browne – Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
  • Procurement Board 13th February 2017 – 12th February 2020 – Oversee and approve award of contracts entered by GoA.
    • Dr. Wycliffe Fahie – Chairperson
    • Mrs. Nashara Webster-Wilkes – Deputy Chairperson
    • Ms. Marisa Harding-Hodge – Board Member
    • Mrs. Monifa Brooks-Gumbs – Board Member
    • Mr. Dallen Connor – Board Member
    • Mr. Bren Romney – Board Member
  • Procurement Committees – Facilitates procurement for departments under their respective ministries.
  • Procurement Ombudsman – Investigate any complaints after an award of contract.

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