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Vendor Registration
The registration process allows the relevant bodies within the Government of Anguilla (GoA) to recognize companies and the goods, services or works that company provides. This allows for the possibility of greater participation in procurement opportunities. Registration does not guarantee that you will be selected for award of a particular contract. However, registered companies enjoy the privilege of being notified when procurement opportunities arise.

The Basic Registration affords you the privilege of notification of opportunities for small contracts (under EC$54,000) whereas the Level 1 Registration allows for notification for both large and small opportunities. Exceptions to the notification policy apply for confidential and selective exercises.

Misprocurement occurs when it is determined that a Government of Anguilla procurement contract:

(a) has not been awarded in accordance with the public procurement laws, rules, and regulations
(b) has not been awarded in accordance with the Bid Document approved for a project;
(c) could not be awarded to a consultant, supplier or contracter otherwise determined to be successful due to willful dilatory conduct or other actions (on GoA's behalf) resulting in unjustifiable delays, loss of successful proposal/bid, or the wrongful rejection of any one or more proposal/bid; or
(d) involves fraud and/or corruption as per the GoA's Public Procurement Manual.

In such cases, GoA' will declare misprocurement, and will normally cancel that procurement of the goods, works or services that have been misprocured. Misprocurementmay be declared if it is concluded that the Procurement Authority has furnished incomplete, in accurate, or misleading information to the Procurement Board o rthat teh terms and conditions of the contract had been substantially modified after the publication of the bid documents without the necessary approvals. GoA may not declare misprocurement after a contract has been signed.

Common examples of Misprocurement
(a) Procurement of goods, works or services from non-eligible sources.
(b) Missteps in the procurement process of contracting for goods, works or services.
(c) Award fo a contract, the terms and conditions of which have been substantially modified without first received the Attorney General's Chambers, Procurement Board, and Procurement Unit's no-objection to the modifications.

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