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Procurement Notices
Procurement Notices alert the public when procurement opportunities are being offered. The Procurement Notice provides basic information such as the nature or subject of the procurement opportunity, an indication of the date and time of a pre-bid meeting if applicable, the bid submission date, the bid open date and how to obtain a copy of the bid document.

Procurement Plans
Procurement plans identify procurement opportunities to be offered, along with a tentative schedule of when these opportunities may be issued. Procurement plans allow for internal preparations but it also allows for the public – contractors, vendors, and/or suppliers – to take the necessary steps to ensure that the company is properly positioned to compete for contract awards.

Contract Awards
Government contracts for large procurements are awarded by the Procurement Board based upon a written Evaluation Report from the Evaluation Committee. Small procurements are awarded by the Procurement Committees.

For transparency purposes, contract information should be published publicly. Please click the link below for information regarding contracts awarded by Government of Anguilla.

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